Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September 15, 2018

Next Time: Saturday, September 22, 11am-3pm, TowerLight, 3601 Wooddale Avenue, Saint Louis Park

We're spending the month of September at TowerLight, and this being a September weekend...well, you know. Steve C (piano), Sam (trumpet, trombone), Craig (guitar), Steve H (soprano), Bob (guitar), Raphael (bass), Carl (trombone), and Annie (vocals) were this week's participants.

Off to the races with Cousin Mary (II-93), this session's Add-A-Tune from Sam. Yours truly took the next one, going with On A Slow Boat To China (III-309). Bob took a pass, but Craig was ready with Pure Imagination (III-327). Steve C stayed in the movies with On A Clear Day (III-308). Raphael was looking for Wayne Shorter's Witch Hunt, but settled for the classic Witchcraft (III-452). Back to your scribe, we traveled back to the Kalmar and Ruby tune, Three Little Words (III-400). Sam opted for the VERY long Latin song, Desafinado (I-108).

Annie got the vocal portion going with two tunes she brought sheet music for: How Little We Know, and Give Me The Simple Life. Steve C got the instrumental call, turning to Groovin' High (I-166). Next, Annie chose two slow sad Billie Holiday numbers, You Don't Know What Love Is (I-459), and Detour Ahead (I-105). Heat Wave (III-143) was Raphael's exploratory instrumental. Two more for Annie: My Foolish Heart (I-22), and Don't Blame Me (I-121). Carl chose So What (I-364) for an instrumental break. Annie took one more turn, calling Let There Be Love (III-236). The soprano player got one more shot, asking for Don't Get Around Much Anymore (I-122). We wrapped up with the semi-traditional closer, St. Thomas (II-339).

Participant Picks
Frank Sinatra
not to be confused with
Witch Hunt
Wayne Shorter

Heat Wave
Ethel Waters
Not to be confused with Martha and the Vandellas

How Little We Know
Nat King Cole

Three Little Words
Duke Ellington
Fred Astaire



Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 8, 2018

Next Time: Saturday, September 15, 11am-3pm, TowerLight, 3601 Wooddale Ave., St. Louis Park

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Cousin Mary (II-93)

A three-man start at TowerLight this week: Steve C (piano), Raphael (bass) and Steve H (soprano) got things underway until Annie (vocals), Carl (trombone) and Victor (vocals) arrived.

We began with Steve C's pick, Blue Bossa (I-50). We began our delving into the unfamiliar with Raphael's option, Masquerade (III-269). Next up was your scribe's choice, Daahoud (I-96), though considerably below full speed. Steve C went back briefly to the more standard How High The Moon (I-180). Raphael turned us back to the sight reading with Isotope (I-222). We played Invitation (I-217) as a ballad.

Annie got us rolling on the vocals with My Melancholy Baby (III-295). Carl had us take another shot at So What (I-364). Annie took another two: Let There Be Love (III-236) and Look To The Rainbow (III-249). Yours truly decided to pull out Irving Berlin's oddly divided Let's Face The Music And Dance (III-238). Back to Annie for a pair, this time Poor Butterfly (III-324) and Fine And Mellow (III-122). Steve C got the instrumental break, choosing Lullaby Of The Leaves (III-260).

Victor was on hand by now, and took a spin on Stardust (II-367). Annie took another two before departing: I See Your Face Before Me (IV-192), and Goin' Out Of My Head (IV-150). Victor opted for Basin Street Blues (II-37), before Raphael called the instrumental Miles Ahead (II-264). Victor took us out with two classics: All Of Me (I-20), and Blue Skies (II-58).

Participant Picks

Clifford Brown and Max Roach
Ray Bryant

Joe Henderson

Bronislaw Kaper
Stan Getz
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

I See Your Face Before Me
Tony Bennett
Mildred Bailey
Kevin Mahogany and Roy Hargrove



Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Next Time

Saturday, Sept. 8, 11am-3pm, TowerLight, 3601 Wooddale Ave., St. Louis Park

Hope to see you there!--SJH

Sunday, August 26, 2018

August 25, 2018

Next Time: Saturday, September 1, 1-5 pm, Hook and Ladder (Lake and Minnehaha)
Add-A-Tune: Cousin Mary (II-93)

CANCEL! CANCEL! NO JAZZ WORKSHOP THIS WEEK!Hook and Ladder is closed for the weekend; no arrangement with TowerLight has been made.

Present this week were Sam (trumpet and trombone), Wes (tenor), Raphael (bass), Steve H (piano and soprano), Craig (guitar), Victor (vocals), Annie (vocals), Carl (trombone), and Dick (vocals).

We got underway with Little Boat (I-245), Sam's Add-A-Tune. Raphael got the next call, choosing the tricky Black Diamond (I-46). Yours truly went way more traditional with For All We Know (I-145). Victor took a spin as an instrumentalist with Basin Street Blues (II-37). Craig, having solved his mechanical difficulties, opted for Pure Imagination (III-327). Annie, also in instrumentalists mode, called I'm Beginning To See The Light (I-200). Carl got us to do all the parts on So What (I-364). Wes decided on an old favorite, Doxy (II-111). Sam brought the instrumental segment to a close with Cantaloupe Island (II-76).

Victor kicked off the vocalist portion with Stardust (II-367). Annie opted for something a bit bouncier, I'm Old-Fashioned (III-186). Dick's first choice was In A Mellow Tone (I-206). Victor got us looking through our books until we came up with Deep Purple (IV-103). Annie gave us a good workout with the shifting 3/4-4/4 signatures of Little Girl Blue (III-243). Dick went to I Should Care (I-194). Your scribe got to call the instrumental break, and we did an alternating Latin/swing version of Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (II-355); it sounded better in his head.

The vocalists took another round, Victor kicking things off with Ain't Misbehavin' (III-13). Annie tackled the ballad If I Loved You (II-192) with a light swing. Dick's third was a favorite, Out Of Nowhere (I-318). Victor took one last spin on Blue Skies (II-58). Annie went full ballad on I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (II-173). Dick turned to Have You Met Miss Jones (I-172). For one last combined vocal/instrumental, Dick suggested Just Friends (IV-237), with everyone taking a a chorus.

Participant Picks

Little Girl Blue
Nina Simone
Peter Nero
Chet Baker
Dave Brubeck

Just Friends
Sarah Vaughan
Dexter Gordon
Charlie Parker
John Coltrane and Friends



Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August 18, 2018

Next Time: Saturday, August 25, 1-5pm, Hook and Ladder (Lake and Minnehaha)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Little Boat (I-245)

Your scribe was a little late, though not as late as originally expected, and not late enough to miss the downbeat on Sam's Add-A-Tune. Present were Sam (trumpet, trombone), Jeremy (piano), Alex (guitar), Steve M (alto), Victor (vocals), Craig (guitar), Terry (harmonica), Steve H (soprano, piano), and Dick (vocals). 

The Add-A-Tune was What's New (I-420). Things picked up slightly with Jeremy's choice, Stolen Moments (I-384), followed by Alex's pick, Nica's Dream (I-299). Terry called All Blues (I-18). After so many relatively slow tunes (though All Blues got a little rambunctious at times), Raphael changed gears with Tizol and Ellington's Perdido (II-311). Craig completed the first round of instrumental only with Till There Was You (II-400). 

Working without a microphone, Victor got a few shots at vocals, going with favorites Stardust (II-xxx) and Avalon (II-25). Steve M called the instrumental break, Why Do I Love You (II-425). Somewhere in here, several people left, and yours truly took over on piano. Victor opted for Blue Skies (II-58) next. Dick stopped in for a visit and decided to sing one, I Could Write A Book (I-186). Victor took another, Bye Bye Blackbird (II-xx). Your reporter got a chance and called for It Could Happen To You (II-204). Terry opted for another Miles Davis tune, Blue and Green (I-51). Raphael chose one that he wanted to do last week, Recorda Me (I-xxx). We finished off with Steve M's surprise choice, Charlie Parker's Quasimodo (IV-352). 

Participant Picks

Charlie Parker
Paul Motian & the Electric Bebop Band

Blue Skies
Duke Ellington

Blue and Green
Miles Davis

Duke Ellington (1940s)
Duke Ellington (1950s)
Duke Ellington (1960s)
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie



Sunday, August 12, 2018

August 11, 2018

Next Time: Saturday, August 18, 1-5pm, Hook and Ladder, Minnehaha and Lake, Mpls.

Add-A-Tune: What's New (II-420)

Another Saturday at TowerLight, which we finally got rolling around 11:25. Present at the start were Sam (trumpet/trombone), Steve C (piano), Steve H (soprano), and Raphael (bass). We were soon joined by Steve M (alto), and before 1:00, Carl (trombone), Annie (vocals), and Victor (vocals).

We began, as usual, with Sam's Add-A-Tune, this time How High The Moon (I-180), switching for the final chorus to its offspring, Ornithology (I-317). Yours truly, inspired by recent Muzak, opted for These Foolish Things (II-392). Steve C had a short list, and went with The Blue Room (I-53). Raphael returned to one we had tried in previous weeks, Slipped Disc (II-353). Back to Sam, we went Latin on All The Things You Are (I-22). Your scribe wanted to give the soprano a workout on Tangerine (II-380). Steve M got his first pick, turning to Dexter Gordon's Cheesecake (II-82).

The vocal part started with Annie reprising The Blue Room. Victor called the immortal Stardust (II-317). Annie chose the somewhat sad Old Man From The Old Country (I-308). Basin Street Blues (II-37) was Victor's next choice. Carl got the call on the instrumental break, and we got to use the Gil Evans chords on So What (I-364). Vocals again, with Annie turning to It Never Entered My Mind (III-205). Having taken a few weeks off from it, Victor opted for Avalon (II-25). Annie's call was Let's Fall In Love (II-237). Victor followed with All Of Me (I-20). Steve C picked our instrumental break tune, You Took Advantage Of Me (I-460). For our last round of vocals, Annie chose an easy-going version of The Way You Look Tonight (II-415). Victor settled on Blue Skies (II-58). Without A Song (II-428) was Annie's last pick. After some searching, Victor scatted his way through our last song of the afternoon, Ain't Misbehavin' (III-13).

Participant Picks

How High The Moon
Arvell Shaw (with Louis Armstrong)

Old Man From The Old Country
Nancy Wilson/ Cannonball Adderley

The Way You Look Tonight
Paul Desmond/Gerry Mulligan