Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 3, 2017

It's been a few weeks, and we've undergone some changes.

Wes has started a group of workshoppers who want to consider more prolonged preparation of a smaller number of songs. They meet Saturday mornings at Lake Nokomis Community Center, this week (6/10) at 9 am, until summer hours kick in next week (6/17), when the start time is 11 am.
The regular workshop, following the standard format, continues, generally at the Hook and Ladder from 3 pm (set-up at 2:30) until 6 pm. Occasionally (as was the case this week) we play at TowerLight from 11 am to 3 pm.

Our gathering at TowerLight was not large, but enthusiastic. Jack D (trumpet), Steve H (soprano), Sam (bass), his wife Betty (roadie), Annie (vocals) and Carl (trombone).

Yours truly got things started with an OLD standard, My Blue Heaven (III-xxx). Same kept us in that groove with Bye Bye Blackbird (II-73). Jack opted for one he admired when Chet Baker played it, Let's Get Lost (II-238). Annie got her first vocal, choosing Thou Swell (I-411). Carl called one of his favorites, Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (II-408). Back to Annie, who sang The Party's Over (III-313), though not in such a way that we thought this was true.

Sam got the next one, pulling out Old Cape Cod (II-307). Another vocal for Annie, this time the lovely Skylark (III-356). My turn again, and we went with On A Slow Boat To China (III-309), though not too slow. Speaking of slow, Annie really tried to keep things sultry on Teach Me Tonight (III-387). Jack's turn again, and we went smoothly through When I Fall In Love (I-439). Carl has a thingus for Mingus, and we played his tribute to Mr. Morton called  Jelly Roll (I-226). Sam decided to do a bit of three-quarter time on West Coast Blues (I-436). We struggled to get started on Annie's next call, Lazy Afternoon (III-233), so we changed tunes in midstream to Melancholy Baby (III-xxx). I got one more chance, and picked Jersey Bounce (III-223). We finished off the afternoon with Annie's rendition of Witchcraft (III-452).

It appears likely that the sessions will take place at their regular locations and times this Saturday.

Participant Pick
At Annie's insistance
Aretha Franklin, Skylark