Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 21, 2018

Next Week (April 28): Should be back at the Hook and Ladder, 1-5pm.

Early Segment work: BR-2, Black Coffee (I-45), I Remember Clifford (I-192), Four Brothers, (II-138), How Insensitive (I-181)

Last week's 18" of snow are mostly gone, and the Workshop reassembled at TowerLight: Sam (trumpet and trombone), Steve C (piano), Terry (guitar), Jack D (trumpet), Raphael (bass and drums), Jack K (trumpet and drums), Craig (guitar), Waymond (bass and drums), Serdar (guitar), Carl (trombone), Annie (vocals), and Victor (vocals).

We worked for an hour on tunes for gigs, coming up with openings and closings. We began with BR-2 (Reflection In Blue), then turned to Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (II-355), Honeysuckle Rose (II-167), Bluesette (I-52) and St. Thomas (II-339).

Turning to the regular business of the Workshop, Jack D got the first call, All of You (I-21). Jack K was up next, opting for easy swing/ballad My Romance (I-289). Terry decided on the straight-up ballad Misty (I-277). Steve C thought it might be good to up the tempo with Indiana (II-201). Serdar was feeling bluesy, taking us to St. James Infirmary (II-338).

Annie got the vocals going with a vocal version of Blue Monk (II-52), and followed it up with the bouncy Let There Be Love (III-236). For an instrumental,  Raphael chose On Green Dolphin Street (IV-321). Realizing enough people had Volume IV to make it worth looking for some vocals, Annie tried out several that did not work before settling on Save Your Love For Me (IV-376). Victor began his afternoon as usual with Avalon (I-25). Annie pulled up Broadway (I-61) so that everyone would have some fun. Victor sang the verse a cappella before the rhythm section dropped in behind him on Stardust (II-367). Waymond got the next instrumental call, opting for Alfie's Theme (II-14). Annie was joined by everyone on Bye Bye Blackbird (II-73). Victor went with another familiar tune, All of Me (I-20). To wrap up, Sam requested a reprise of St. Thomas.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 7, 2018

NO WORKSHOP TODAY, APRIL 14, due to onslaught of Spring.

Next Session: April 21 11am-3pm at TowerLight 3601 Wooddale Ave. S.

We started with some tunes that are under consideration should we ever be asked to put together a group for a gig: BR-2, and a few others. Wes (tenor), Sam (trumpet and trombone), Steve C (piano), Jack K (trumpet and drums), Raphael (bass), Waymond (bass and drums), and Steve H (alto and piano) were on hand to get things started, followed eventually by Craig (guitar), Victor (vocals), and Steve M (alto).

Regular fun began with Sam's Add-A-Tune, Killer Joe (II-229). Jack K called My Ideal (III-292) next. Steve C pulled up I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (I-188). Waymond challenged us with Airegin (I-13). Wes calmed things down with Robbin's Nest (II-330). Raphael challenged us again with the alternating rhythms of A Night In Tunisia (I-302). Yours truly went for the easy-going 3/4 of Alice In Wonderland (I-17).

We came back around to Sam, who chose Jordu (I-227). Steve C had to head out, so your scribe took over on piano for Victor's choice, Avalon (II-25). Steve M finally got a chance, and chose Imagination (II-195). I stopped taking notes for the remainder, so I don't have page numbers, but from then on we played Craig's choice, Rainbow Connection; Victor asked to sing Stardust; Waymond suggested Always, and Sam surprised us with the last call of the day, The Girl From Ipanema.

Watch the weather!