Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 27, 2016

We met on a beautiful summertime Monday evening. Participating were Tom (drums), Sam (bass), Steve M (alto), Steve H (alto and soprano), Jack D (trumpet), Wes (tenor), and Dick (vocals).

Things got rolling with Solar (I- ), Sam’s choice. Steve M was up next, and called For All We Know (I- ). Jack D. had an interesting choice, but I forgot to write it down.  After that, we were On A Slow Boat To China (III-309). Wes completely changed the mood with his choice of Boplicity (I-58). Another change of pace came with Sam’s next call, Waltz For Debbie (I-42).

Vocals began with Dick’s choices of A Sunday Kind Of Love (I-392), followed by Fly Me To The Moon (II-135).  Next up was Steve M’s call, I Thought About You (II-180).; Dick joined in. Jack D decided on the classic I Love Paris (I-189). Sam asked that we do a little work, handing out a few tunes in C for us to transpose, Cute (yours truly cheated and moved over to piano for this one) and On The Trail. We struggled with transposition, and decided to close out with a vocal, I Could Write A Book (I-186).

Participant Picks
Freddie Hubbard, First Light (1971)

Chet Baker, My Buddy

John Coltrane, Blue Train (1957)

Frank Sinatra, Nancy with the Laughing Face

Steve H
Miles Davis, Boplicity

Zoot Sims, Wrap Up

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016

A good crowd and some really good playing made for a fun summer evening. Tom (drums), Phil (piano), Jack D (trumpet), Steve M (alto), Bob (trombone), Steve H (alto and soprano), Wes (tenor), and Dick (vocals) joined the party.

As your scribe wandered in, the first five in the list were working on the classic You Took Advantage Of Me (I-460).  Jack D had the next opportunity, choosing a ballad, When I Fall In Love (I-489). Steve M picked a mid-tempo version of Cherokee (I-77), with some nice drumming by Tom.  Next up was Bob’s call, the delightful C’est Si Bon (I-65). Yours truly brought an original based on his time in Rome, Lungotevere. Wes reliably called for Blues For Alice (I-55). Tom, challenged not to request St. Thomas, instead chose My Little Suede Shoes (II-282).

By this time, Dick was set up to sing, and called a couple of old favorites: Out Of Nowhere (I-318) and All Of Me (I-20), with several instrumental solos on each. Phil surprised everyone with the great jazz waltz, Some Day My Prince Will Come (I-367). Dick next wanted to sing a nice, easy version of There Will Never Be Another You (I-407), again with Jack putting some great controlled fills in behind the vocals. Jack D stated the theme solo on Georgia On My Mind (II-145), inspiring some further solos (it was also the hat).  Dick unexpectedly took a swing at Doxy (II-111). Steve H wanted to trot out a tune that doesn’t get out much, and called for Moonlight Becomes You (III-281). An old faithful for Dick, I’m Confessin’ (II-185), followed. It’s Only A Paper Moon (II-209) was Phil’s choice. He also suggested In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (I-260), but the McRae staff had to chase us out before we got through it, because we were having such a good time.

Participant Picks
I’ll try to remember next week to ask the Participants for some favorite recordings. In the meantime, here are some picks of mine.

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Dave Brubeck Quartet (1957)

Miles Davis Sextet (1961)

Oscar Peterson Trio (released 1975, recorded 1967)



June 13, 2016

Sorry about not reporting.

We got started an hour late due to a scheduling mix-up at McRae. Tom (drums), Jack D (trumpet), Steve H (soprano), Steve M (alto) and Wes (tenor) played a bunch of songs, most of which I cannot remember.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

Your scribe did not get to the Workshop until the singer's portion of the program, so Sam was kind enough to keep the record. Present were Tom (drums), newcomer Phil (piano), Steve M (alto) Jack K (trumpet), Elmer (tenor), Joe (trumpet), Annie (vocals), Carl (trombone), Dick (vocals), and of course Sam (bass and trumpet). Tony (bass) and Steve H (alto) strolled in later.

Tunes performed: So What, Alice In Wonderland, Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado), Dancing On The Ceiling, Blue Room, St. Thomas, Pfrancing, Sunday Kind Of Love, The Surrey With The Fringe On Top, Time After Time, So Dance...

When yours truly and Tony arrive, Annie was singing Why Do I Love You. Dick chose In A Mellow Tone. Joe got the call on an instrumental, Swingin' Shepherd Blues. Annie requested something in there that I forgot to write down; in fact, I think I missed a couple of tunes here. Dick called Have You Met Miss Jones. Annie opted for a reprise of MellowTone, so she could exchange some scat time with Dick. I got a chance to bring up Honeysuckle Rose. Dick brought up another tune that he and Annie work well on together, Centerpiece. Tom got a pick with C-Jam Blues. We finished up with a long version of a reprise of Quiet Nights, this time with vocals.

Next week, we move to Mondays, starting on June 13 from 5 to 8. 

I hope next time to bring back the Participant Picks.
Here's a few that will tell you where I've been for the past few months.

Dean Martin, On An Evening In Roma

Frank Sinatra, Three Coins in the Fountain

Patti Page, Autumn In Rome



Thursday, June 2, 2016


We made a mistake about when we go to Monday evenings.

We will meet one more time, this Saturday, June 4, 11-3.

We will begin our Monday evening sessions on June 13, 5-8.