Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December 16, 2017

Due to too many members--especially rhythm section--being understandably busy over the next couple of weekends, we will not hold any Workshops for the remainder of 2017. We plan to resume on Saturday, January 6, 2018. Location to be determined.

We had a lot of fun playing a great deal out of Vol. IV this week. Sam (bass), Jack K (trumpet), Wes (tenor), Serdar (guitar), Carl (trombone), Annie (vocals); your scribe put in most of his time on piano, with a little alto thrown in on choice ballads. As a result, though, he forgot to keep track of the tunes played. Stuff we don't usually get to, though: A Foggy Day, If You Could See Me Now, some Ray Charles tunes, something by the Beatles. Some other non-Vol. 4 songs as well: My Little Suede Shoes, All of Me, Pent Up House, Angel Eyes, Ornithology. There were others.

See you in January!


Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 9, 2017

This Saturday (and for the remainder of December): Meet at TowerLight, 3601 Wooddale Ave., St. Louis Park, 11am-3pm.

Our attendance this week was good. Sam (bass), Steve C. (piano), Jack K. (trumpet), Steve H (alto), Ray (violin), Wes (tenor), Serdar (guitar), Annie (vocals), Carl (trombone) and Matt (vocals).

We got things rolling with the first four playing (appropriately) Four (I-149) at Sam's request. Yours truly took the next call, I've Got The World On A String (III-189), with Ray joining in. Jack K. opted for Isn't It Romantic (I-219), which started slower than it finished. Up next, Ray went to Let's Fall In Love (II-237). Apparently on a theme roll, Steve C. chose The Nearness Of You (II-285), which didn't so much get faster as more swingy. Serdar and Wes had joined us by this time, and were in place to join in Sam's pick, So What (I-364). Ray had changed spots to get closer to the rhythm section, and ended up in position to get another call, My Buddy (I-284), which happened to be next to the one Serdar had wanted to work on, My Favorite Things (I-285).

By now, Annie and Carl were set, and we got to the vocal portion. Annie's first tune was Merry Christmas Baby (C-132), followed by When I Fall In Love (I-439). I had brought along an arrangement from last year, Santa Monk Is Coming To Town, which seemed to amuse everyone. Back to Annie, we got into a favorite, Let There Be Love (III-236). She changed the mood with another of her favorites, Never Let Me Go (III-299). Wes got a pick, and pulled out one that he loves to work on, Donna Lee (I-123). Back to Annie, who had a hankering for Thou Swell (I-411). Matt came in around then, and got the next number, The Christmas Song (C-38). He took an encore with All Of Me (I-20). Annie chose the classic For All We Know (I-145). We finished off with both singers taken a turn on Matt's choice, L-O-V-E (II-252).

Participant Picks
My Buddy
Harry James/Frank Sinatra

Henry Burr

My Favorite Things
Tony Benett

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Tony Bennett



Friday, December 8, 2017

December 2, 2017

We played for an hour in the Lobby of TowerLight. The crowd from the Dining Room appreciated it--at least that's what one person said.

This week, December 9: Back at TowerLight, 11-3. (Another time conflict at the Hook.)