Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 25, 2020

Next Time: Sat., 2/1, 11am-3pm, TowerLight (3601 Wooddale, St. Louis Park)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Dolphin Dance (I-119)

A reasonably busy day at the Workshop. Present were Sam (trumpet, trombone), Raphael (bass), Steve C (piano), Jack K (trumpet), Steve H (alto), Wes (tenor), Matt (vocals), and Carl (trombone).

The session began with Sam's Add-A-Tune, Bossa Antigua (III-58).  Jack K. called an easy-feel version of There Will Never Be Another You (I-407). Steve C. found the unfamiliar old tune, Indian Summer (III-213). Raphael turned to a tune we had tried a few weeks ago, Let's Face The Music And Dance (III-238). Your scribe was eager to run with It's De-Lovely (III-2xx). Matt took his first vocal turn on In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (I-210).

Sam got the second round going with his usual closer, St. Thomas (II-339). Jack settled into a great old ballad, Polka Dots And Moonbeams (II-318). Your truly had to leave, but Raphael recorded the proceedings. Carl opted for If I Were A Bell (II-144). Wes called For Sentimental Reasons (I-147). Matt took another vocal on Fly Me To The Moon (II-135).  Carl got another, going with old favorite Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West ((II-408). Things wrapped up on a last vocal call, Beyond The Sea (II-40).


Thursday, January 16, 2020

January 11, 2020

Sat, 1/18 CANCELLED. Weather looks pretty ugly. See you next time (we hope).

Next Time: Sat., 1/25, 11am-3pm, TowerLight (3601 Wooddale, St. Louis Park)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Bossa Antigua (III-58)

Residents who wanted to watch the Vikings-49ers playoff game had dibs on the theater, so our time together was cut short. In the meantime, though, we had an solid group with a full rhythm section: Sam (trombone, trumpet), John (trombone), Jack K (drums, trumpet), Steve C (piano), Raphael (bass), Steve H (soprano, rhythm), and Carl (trombone).

After scrambling around for the drums and overcoming other setup concerns, we got underway around 11:30 with Sam's Add-A-Tune, Blues For Wood (II-60). John saved us all the trouble of turning the page by choosing Blues In The Closet (II-61). Jack kept us on the blues track with Birk's Works (II-48). Steve C finally moved us off the blues, and back before the modern era, opting for Struttin' With Some Barbecue. Raphael found a ballad none of us were familiar with, the lovely A Portrait Of Jenny (II-319). Your scribe picked up the tempo a bit, calling It Could Happen To You (II-204).

Sam started round two with a change of pace, Cantetolpe Island (II-76). Again, John protected our arms from overexertion by picking the next page tune, Caravan (II-77). Jack finally got us out of Vol. II with the choice of When Sunny Gets Blue (I-440). Carl turned to old favorite Jelly Roll (I-276). Steve C picked something fun, but yours truly was manning the brushes at the time and forgot to write it down. We closed out the afternoon with Raphael's choice of Little Boat (I-245).


Sunday, January 5, 2020

January 4, 2020

Next Time: Sat., 1/11, 11am-3pm, TowerLight (3601 Wooddale, St. Louis Park)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Blues for Wood (II-60)

Quite a crew showed up for our first Workshop of the new decade. Present were Sam (trumpet, trombone), John (trombone), Steve H (piano, soprano), Waymond (drums), Jack K (trumpet), Steve D (cornet), Raphael (bass), Wes (tenor), Ari (trumpet), and Carl (trombone).

Things got underway with Sam's Add-A Tune, Freddie Freeloader (I-151). John went a little more up with Groovin' High (I-xxx). Jack K had purchased Vol IV, so we spent some time with Sunny (IV-xxx). Your scribe watched a lot of Irving Berlin-based Fred and Ginger movies on New Year's Eve, and opted for Let's Face The Music And Dance (III-238). Raphael found a lesser known tune, I Wish I Were In Love Again (III-171). Wes brought us to the more familiar Along Came Betty (III-22). Waymond was of a mind to revisit some Charlie Parker with a rousing version of Anthropology (I-29). Ari settled for his second choice, Afro Blue (I-11).

Second time around, Sam began with what turned into a very long version of The Gift (Recado Bossa Nova) (III-150). Your scribe had to pull out, but Raphael kept track of the remaining tunes. Carl called Blue Monk (I-52). Raphael stayed in blue mode with It's Blue World (II-207). Wes went with another blues, Red Top (III-332). Waymond called the bluesy Sugar (I-387). Sam finished the afternoon with St. Thomas (II-334).


Thursday, January 2, 2020

December 28, 2019

Next Time: Sat., 1/4, 11am-3pm, TowerLight (3601 Wooddale, St. Louis Park)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Freddie Freeloader (I-151)

Sorry we had to cancel at the last minute, and we sincerely hope that no one struggled to get there only to find no one to play with. But our first Workshop of the new year should be a go.