Sunday, January 28, 2018

January 27, 2018

For Feb. 3: Well, it looks as if a number of people really wanted to have the Workshop this coming weekend, so it's back on! Hook and Ladder, Minnehaha and Lake, 1-5pm.

Quite a crowd this week: OLD friends, new faces, and the usual gang coming together to play some jazz. On hand were Carl A. (soprano), Andy (guitar) Steve C. (piano), Waymond (bass and drums), Raphael (bass), Sam (trumpet and trombone), Jack K. (trumpet and drums), Wes (tenor), Carl S. (trombone), Lachel (trumpet), Lathieo (trombone), Dick (vocals), Craig (guitar), Victor (vocals), and Steve H. (alto and soprano). That gave us a rather large circle to get around each time, so there were fewer songs, but lots of solos. And with Wes bringing some drums, we had a bit of rhythm we haven't had for a year.

Things got rolling about 1:20 with Sam's Add-a-Tune, Monk's Well You Needn't (I-435). Steve C. requested a surprisingly peppy version of Darn That Dream (I-99). Raphael had the next call, going with Four (I-149). We (read: I) struggled with Waymond's choice, the pretty but surprisingly tricky (a peculiar number of bars per phrase) Beyond The Sea (II-40). Carl S. opted for a tune to entice younger players, going with St. James Infirmary (II-338). Yours truly decided on an easy swing on Easy To Love (I-128). Wes was ready for some Red Top (III-332). Lachel set off a run of Latin tunes with the lively St. Thomas (II-339). Carl A. had been waiting for quite a while to complete the circle, and finally got a chance at Blue Bossa (I-50).

Almost 3:30, and we got our first vocals. Dick took two: Black Orpheus (I-49), and All Of Me (I-20). Waymond suggested Sonny Rollins Alfie's Theme (II-14) as an instrumental, and everyone went along. Back to vocals, Dick took two more: Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars, a.k.a. Corcovado (I-335), followed by Out Of Nowhere (I-318). Sam got the call, and went with a dear old favorite, Dear Old Stockholm (I-102), a first time challenge for a number of our attendees. Next, Dick sang I Could Write A Book (I-186); Victor liked it enough to reprise it. Victor took another, Bye Bye Blackbird (II-73). A lot of people were packing up, but the remainder got one last opportunity on Baltimore Oriole (II-34), with my compliments.

Participant Picks

Well You Needn't
Thelonious Monk
Carmen McRae

Alfie's Theme
Sonny Rollins

Baltimore Oriole
Hoagy Carmichael


Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 20, 2018

Next session: Hook and Ladder, Minnehaha and Lake, 1-5pm, Sat. Jan. 27.

Early segment: Red Top, Groovin' High, Robbins Nest
Add-a-Tune: Well You Needn't (I-435)

Your scribe was not even at this edition of the Workshop; I am working off notes send by Serdar (guitar). Also present were Waymond (bass), Craig (guitar), Wes (tenor), Victor (vocals), and Rafael (bass).

Songs played include the following:
Out Of Nowhere (I-318)
Paper Doll (I-319)
Hallo Bolinas 
Blue Bossa
Red Top
Pure Imagination (III-327)
Georgia On My Mind (II-145)
Autumn Leaves (I-39)
Robbin's Nest (II-330)
Avalon (II-25)
All Of Me (I-20)
Beyond The Sea (II-40)
Bye Bye Blackbird (II-73)
Fly Me To The Moon (II-135)
Tune Up (I-418)

See you next week!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 13, 2018

We should be at the Hook and Ladder next Saturday, January 20. Check here later.

Back at the Hook after several weeks, and happy to see a few faces who had been unable to attend recently. Present were Steve M (alto), Sam (trumpet and valve trombone), Jack D (trumpet), Jack K (trumpet), Steve H (piano and alto), Waymond (bass), Wes (tenor), Serdar (guitar), and Victor (vocals).

We got things going with our Add-A-Tune, Move (II-250), a perky little song that doesn't get out much. Jack D, feeling very much under the weather, called I Wish You Love (III-172), but felt it necessary to head home mid-solo. Jack K recalled a favorite of our late drummer Gene, Birk's Works (II-48). Steve M opted for the standard I Thought About You (II-180). Waymond went back to some bop standards with Bohemia After Dark (II-63). Your scribe decided to change the tempo a bit, and play a little alto, asking for Georgia On My Mind (II-45). Same went to a creation of another great valve trombone player, Juan Tizol, a jumping version of Perdido (II-311). Serdar got us feeling all Latin with Besame Mucho (III-42). Wes finally got a turn, and went to old favorite Donna Lee (I-123). Victor had arrived, but was pretty cold and not ready to sing, to we ran a few more instrumentals: Steve M's choice, a rather up-speed version of Dream A Little Dream (I-124), and Rosetta (II-332), a Waymond call. Victor took us on a trip to Avalon (II-25), and looked to add some vocal fun to Steve H's pick, Old Devil Moon (II-272). Speak Low (II-364) was the last tune I was involved in before packing up for the afternoon. Before I actually left, Serdar had gotten everyone caught up in All Of Me (I-20). If there were other pieces played, yours truly was not present.

Participant Picks
Earl Hines, Teddy Wilson, and Art Tatum



Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 6, 2018

Word on the street is that we are back at the Hook and Ladder (Minnehaha Ave. just south of Lake St.) this coming Saturday, January 13, 1:00-6:00 pm

Work-on tunes: the usual
Add-a-Tune: Move (II-280)

We're back for the New Year, 2018. There to get things kicked off were Sam (bass, trumpet, trombone), Jack K (trumpet), Steve C (piano), and Steve H (alto). Also arriving before the vocal portion were Wes (tenor), Waymond (bass). Serdar arrived before yours truly had to depart, but was not set up until I had to leave. Eventually, Carl (trombone) and Annie (vocals) were on the way in as your scribe was on the way out.

After some mix-ups with the folks at TowerLight were sorted out, we finally got started with the first call from Jack K, My Romance (I-289). We followed a similarly light treatment on Steve C's choice, Easy Living (I-127). Next we did Sam's weekly add-on; this week it was Triste (I-417). Wes took the next one, pulling out Au Privave (I-37). Your truly had his eye set this week on one he had not heard for a long time, Bohemia After Dark (II-63). Jack K opted for Indiana (II-201). Your scribe had to head out following that one, so the rest of this account is based on (somewhat ambiguous) notes taken by others.

It would seem that Steve C requested Rosetta (II-332). After that it is hard to discern who called for which tunes, but it is clear that participants did play and sing the following: It Could Happen To You (II-206), Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (II-218), I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (II-173), The Folks That Live On The Hill (II-137), Get Out Of Town (II-148), I Remember You (II-149), Dindi (II-105), Saint James Infirmary (II-338), Watch What Happens (II-413), and The Nearness of You (II-285)

Participant Picks

Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
George Benson

Bohemia After Dark
Cannonball Adderley

It Could Happen To You
Sonny Clark
Frank Wess