Thursday, September 26, 2019

September 21, 2019

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It was a quiet week, but in no way woebegone. Steve H (alto, piano), Raphael (guitar) and Tony (bass) were the complete package.

Things started close to noon with an unusual choice by Raphael, One Morning In May (II-302). Yours truly decided on It's All Right With Me (II-208). Tony opted for a ballad-y version of I Remember You (II-179). Raphael captured no one's feelings today with It's A Blue World (II-207). Needing a pick-us-up after the slow ones, your scribe called Perdido (II-317). Tony was definitely on the slow boat, turning this time to the immortal Stardust (II-367). Raphael got us back up-tempo with Tangerine (II-386). Your scribe decided to give a whack at a Parker-esque ballad, Leonard Feather's I Remember Bird (II-178), who was not the "You" being remembered in the earlier tune. Tony chose the classic Oliver Nelson piece, Stolen Moments (I-384). Then he left. Raphael waxed nostalgic with The Last Time I Saw Paris (II-233). This writer thought it might be fun to take a swing at The Jitterbug Waltz (II-214), which it was. Raphael thought it would be even more fun to watch the alto player stagger over Ice Cream Konitz (II-190), which he did. 


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