Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 7, 2018

NO WORKSHOP TODAY, APRIL 14, due to onslaught of Spring.

Next Session: April 21 11am-3pm at TowerLight 3601 Wooddale Ave. S.

We started with some tunes that are under consideration should we ever be asked to put together a group for a gig: BR-2, and a few others. Wes (tenor), Sam (trumpet and trombone), Steve C (piano), Jack K (trumpet and drums), Raphael (bass), Waymond (bass and drums), and Steve H (alto and piano) were on hand to get things started, followed eventually by Craig (guitar), Victor (vocals), and Steve M (alto).

Regular fun began with Sam's Add-A-Tune, Killer Joe (II-229). Jack K called My Ideal (III-292) next. Steve C pulled up I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (I-188). Waymond challenged us with Airegin (I-13). Wes calmed things down with Robbin's Nest (II-330). Raphael challenged us again with the alternating rhythms of A Night In Tunisia (I-302). Yours truly went for the easy-going 3/4 of Alice In Wonderland (I-17).

We came back around to Sam, who chose Jordu (I-227). Steve C had to head out, so your scribe took over on piano for Victor's choice, Avalon (II-25). Steve M finally got a chance, and chose Imagination (II-195). I stopped taking notes for the remainder, so I don't have page numbers, but from then on we played Craig's choice, Rainbow Connection; Victor asked to sing Stardust; Waymond suggested Always, and Sam surprised us with the last call of the day, The Girl From Ipanema.

Watch the weather!


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