Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 6, 2015


Your scribe (alto and soprano) walked into this past Monday night’s workshop to find Gene putting his drums together, while Steve M (alto) and Wes (tenor) noodled around on Crazeology and Byrd Like. Todd was right behind me, and sacrificed trumpet to give us some guitar. We got rolling on my pick, Broadway (I, 61). Serdar arrived to add more guitar; while he got set up, we dug into Gene’s choice, Bags’ Groove (II, 30). Steve M called for Yardbird Suite (II, 433), which was followed by one of Wes’ favorites, Blues for Alice (I, 55). While we were getting ready for my next pick, Cherokee (I, 77), Dick (vocals) arrived. It took us a while to get around to it—Annie (vocals) and Carl (trombone) also arrived, there was much chatter about the earlier Family Fun Day and the upcoming Freedom Jazz Fest, and we had to dig out the microphones and such—but we finally settled into three for Dick: There Will Never Be Another You (I, 407), Out Of Nowhere (I, 318), and I’m Confessin’ (II, 185). Annie took a couple: I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You (II, 173), followed by One Note Samba (II, 314). Sticking with the Latin theme, Dick called Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (I, 335).  Annie changed the mood with Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (II, 108). Carl got to choose the instrumental, Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (II, 408). Dick decided to finish his run with All Of Me ((I, 20), and Annie topped things off with Fine and Mellow (III, 122).

Participant Picks
Wes: Charlie Parker, Crazeology

Dick: Horace Silver, Song For My Father

Carl: Charles Mingus, Pithecanthropus Erectus

Gene: Charles Mingus, Better Get It In Your Soul

Steve H: Manhattan Transfer, A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square



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