Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Jazz Workshop News for 5/2/09

On another fine Saturday 13 devotees of jazz music got together to celebrate this wonderful music. OK, that's a bit sappy, even though it's true. Sam (trumpet and bass), Christian (piano), Annie (vocals), Ira (alto sax), Vicki (vocals), Jim (baritone sax and clarinet), Dick (vocals), Craig (guitar), Sheila (vocals), Wes (tenor sax), Tim (guitar) and another guitarist whose name has eluded me as I type this. Very supportive, forgetting the name of the first-timer.

Annie made several announcements about the future of the Jazz Workshop. First, the last Saturday workshop for the summer will be 5/16/09. Second, the first Monday evening workshop will be 5/18/09 from 6:00-7:45 PM. There will be no Monday evening workshop on 5/25/09 (Memorial Day) and then the Monday workshops will pick up in earnest on 6/1/09 from 6:00-8:45 PM. The jazz workshop will be performing at the McRae Park Fun Day on 6/6/09, times to be determined. We will also be performing at the Freedom Jazz Festival on 8/1/09 from 12:00-12:30 PM.

The focus of today's workshop was on working up songs for the upcoming public performances. We will probably have four vocalists, each doing one or two songs, and several instrumentals. This will be the primary focus for the upcoming workshops for the next several weeks.

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