Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 7, 2019

Next Time: Sat., 12/14, 11am-3pm, TowerLight (3601 Wooddale, St. Louis Park)

Sam's Add-A-Tune: Chitlins Con Carne (I-81)

A decent crowd coming and going as the afternoon progressed. Your scribe was late arriving, but did not miss too much of the fun. Present at one time or another were Sam (trumpet, trombone), Raphael (bass), Jack K (trumpet), Jack D (trumpet), Ari (trumpet), Steve H (piano, soprano), Steve M (alto), Carl (trombone), and Wes (tenor).

Sam's Add-A-Tune was, as usual, our kickoff number: Baia (III-435). Jack K got the next call, Till There Was You (II-400). Yours truly was listening to Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker in the car, and pulled out These Foolish Things (II-392). Raphael chose to challenge us, but not too much, with a lowered speed on Airegin (I-13). Ari was feeling a 3/4 thing and turned to Alice In Wonderland (I-17). Wes opted for old stand-by Groovin' High (I-166).

The second round began with Sam's choice, Little Boat (I-245). We went at a medium tempo on the classic ballad, The Nearness Of You (II-285), Jack K's pick. Steve M was ready for a solid groove on Mean To Me (III-274). Carl mixed things up with a personal favorite, So What (I-364). Your scribe acquiesced to Steve M's suggestion of Jitterbug Waltz (II-214), which said scribe also really enjoys playing. Raphael got us back to modern times with Jeannine (II-212). Wes stayed in his bop-era mode, choosing Blues For Alice (I-55). We finished off with Sam's call, Minor Swing (IV-284).


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