Friday, July 9, 2010

The Back Of The Flash

In early June the Jazz Workshop played at the McRae Park Family Fun Day. Since it rained pretty much the entire day, "Family Rain Day" would have been a better name. Vocalist Matt Ash braved the rain to get out and take some pictures of the band, as well as serving as our ears for checking the PA balance. Here are some of his photos:

This is the stage setup which is on a semi-trailer with the sound system built in and a roof over the performers. It works pretty well. I think this is owned by either the City of Minneapolis or by the Minneapolis Parks Department. You can see the trailer at a lot of events in Minneapolis. This is the whole band- since Matt in in the photo, it must have been taken by his intrepid wife. In the front row is the horn section- from left to right Wes, Luke, Sam, Ira and Peter. Then there are three of the vocalists: Annie, Toria and Dick. Behind them are the rhythm section instruments plus Matt, who can be seen in between Wes and Luke. You can't see guitarist Craig, who is sitting next to Matt, nor Gene the drummer. You can barely see keyboardist Paul and you can see guitarists Tim and Bob.

The foundation of jazz is the rhythm section- the interaction between the bass and the drums. Here are Max (bass), Gene (drums) and Craig (guitar).

The other chordal instruments at the gig: Paul (keyboards), Tim (guitar) and Bob (guitar).

Here's a band's eye view. You can't see the rain falling down but that's why there aren't any of the usual games and events going on in the field. Almost everyone was huddled under the eaves of the building or inside.

Well, there you have it. Thanks to Matt for the photos!

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